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It reminded her of sitting on a toilet seat, except more comfortable, and - due to the armrests and backrest - somehow more intimate.Her abdomen started getting warm as she looked over the few dozen pictures of her stripping, then sucking, and finally fucking three young, attractive guys.I love the way you suck Mommy's titties.“You know, it’s okay to look Josh.We both moaned and sighed to each other fighting with our pelvises.I hadn't taken it off the last two days except in the shower, and then I carefully set it down so I wouldn't lose it.It happens all the time, so they also recognize a con’s bullshit and realize that he really wants something else.”You made Mommy and me so happy.”Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden.I shuddered, loving my new futa-dick.Daintily she licks each strand and drip into her mouth as if it was icing off a cake or melted chocolate off a spoon.Her jeans and panties were bunched aro

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