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“Cool, so you made a clone, stopped aging and transported to another world all at once.Next week, I had a weeks holiday and I was trying to decide whether I should go and visit Helen.You know he’s not going to be much fun…” Nisha mumbles.A black, unmarked SUV with concealed flashers pulled up about a car length behind me. I couldn’t see what was happening back there, but the officer in front of me slowly got out of his car and held his hands up and out from his body with his palms toward me and his fingers spread.I work my way down her flat stomach to her delicious womanhood.When I looked over at her and saw the naughty grin on her face, I caught on to her game.But they weren’t tears of sadness, nor pain, they were tears of overwhelming pleasure.I felt the fat digit slide into my depths while her finger found my asshole.Apparently, the deceased Clinton Elliston Sr. had been screwing his wife's sister, Melody's mother.“That sounds great.”I have a new love in my life."Don

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His brow furrowed.You're gonna get it as nature fucking intended.I get to the car, and we plop in and both make audible sighs.I was so glad that Nena had returned to me after this trip to subspace I gently pushed her off me got up walk over to to the shower nub turn off the shower.once I done cross dress that I help Nena off the tube floor her legs were very wobbly “ damn it I feel like I have a hangover?” Nena said has I help her to get out of bath tube.I heard one guy gasp and saw others grin as I thumped the controls to send the machine crazy.She pulled on her tan sheer bra and panties, a white tank top, then found her short jean skirt.We head back to my apartment to shower-”One woman’s head was smashed to jelly by a flying shield.I said that I wasn’t, but Ryan pleaded with me. In the end I gave in and went and changed in to it.“It didn’t make any sense to me, Grace.He rushed up the last few stairs and asked with obvious concern, "are you ok."I tagged along with my friend so coul