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They say your vision is always 20/20 in reverse.I really did want to hug and comfort her but I thought it best not to; I’d do that when we were in the ladies room.Amy "Imagine what I could do with it huh?This was a mistake.Guess that means no work this week.Again I struggled to pull free but the coach was too strong and held me easily.My hand slowly moved over to Ryan’s balls and the movie was soon forgotten and both us girls gave Ryan a hand job.Huh?I smiled at his brazenness but was secretly glad that there was more coming later and that we were comfortable enough after what just happened to still be naked around each other.She leaned forward almost making me loose my balance, she squeezed me so tight with her legs I thought my head was gonna roll.Could she just hide in her bedroom while they worked?And then just as she felt nothing could feel so good, he switched to a slower, harder push, rolling his hips as he did.I would have to change my parent’s bedspread."You only need to

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