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I walked behind her and wrapped her in my arms, embracing her in my love, pulling her to the safety of my bosom.My nose was touching her labia.I stay in position refusing to move without your permission while you recover from your orgasm.Mr. Wilson’s heavy balls were swinging forward and back, as his arousal caused him to put on an impromptu show for the two young girls.This wasn't making love, this was fucking.With this resolve in his mind, he reengaged with Manny who was very nervously wondering on the couch as to whether he had gone too far this time.Emily’s First Solo Holiday“She really likes it.”Then his mouth traveled down to her love box, which was leaking cum.She needed to nurse, she explained, and then Daddy would be home soon for dinner.I began to kiss her shoulder timidly hoping she wasn’t going to deny me this.“Well, I don’t know.We didn’t have to wait long before the bus arrived.“Hey, David, not a good way to start a morning.After we’d eaten the twins m

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