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“You’re looking at him,” I said.She pretended to be asleep.It wept her passion.He gave one a sharp tweak causing Rachel to yelp and scowl.Secretly, I was hoping for option number three.That was when I discovered that I did love the taste of semen, well the taste of Ali’s semen at least.When Ronda and I play together, we usually go for a couple of hours.“Are you sure you want this?” I asked her softly.“That’s right, one little rub of her clit,” Beth said as she reached down to demonstrate, “and she cums like a geyser.”“Unfortunately yes.Even though it was a few weeks past Hailey’s ass was still a little painful from the savage fucking Chico had given her on the island so she had no intention if letting Sam take her there, telling him, “Pussy only for you boy, but as much as you want, and you had better get your fill as I need to start training the new dogs tomorrow.”“Billie I need you to tell me you understand what that means”“So, what happened?It was

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