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It was one of someone who was in a panicked frenzy.The thing writhed, shifted, then it seized Carsina.A tall, bright red phallus extended from a 'saddle' of sorts, set in the middle of the floor.She realizes Hulk is lubing her asshole.After we all set up our tent I hinted to Ned that I was thirsty and that Mia looked thirsty Mia looked back at us biting her lip looking nervous we stripped full on naked before creeping into our tent huddling up to each other“No,” he replied, “about possibly how to put off our date with the bucket.”We rubbed against each other, our need rising, I could feel her body reaching for a climax, so I pulled away, pushing her legs wide, and dropped my face to her slit.I was such a wanton slut!“It was kind of a fantasy of mine, so become a sexual plaything, to give myself over to someone to use freely.As I looked he lifted the bar and weights up off the stands and put them on the floor – with one hand.To be honest… it was never about the difficulty

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