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But ever since that day, curiosity (and hormones) washed over him every time he thought about the run–in he had."Well, John, are you gonna take off your pajamas?"Man, I really should have done that tonight!He pierced her nipples and all the soft skin around them, pinched and skewered the flesh on the gentle curve of her belly and the swell of her hips.Thank you for letting me out of the chair."Bridget did come in but I kept Berylls eyes in my vision.That oil was hot.At the end of the day, she still had the power to decide his future."Fucking finally," she whispered, before hugging me once more.She would only get one chance to get it right and if she failed the best she could hope for was a further humiliating punishment, and at worst, the knife.“Take it.” Elena hissed, her body tense and restrained, holding back on what she wanted to do to me. It used to excite me beyond description to imagine what a man would do to me when he had control, what pleasures he would force into me th

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