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I spent extra time with him that morning petting him and loving on him because I didn't want him to think I was upset and set back the training.She knew what was in the package, and bit her lip curiously.My sissy was still acting like he had all the power.Mistress Alex was a doctor and had both the knowledge and access to the drugs needed, so that was never a problem.Simple but genius.She tries to hold her legs closed tight, but the liquid simply seeps through.“What did you have in mind?”He was already getting hard again, but in a brief moment he was fully charged and throbbing as she guided him into her wet pussy.I continue to massage her feet, but now I’ve also included her thighs and calves.I wasn’t really sure what I was doing chasing after her.The ropes hold me back with my wrists tied to the floor behind me.Her question broke me out of a trance.You know, male guards on the road, they might be getting a bit impatient and try to force you to spread your legs.He turned and l

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