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A magical barrier encompassed her and the idol, protecting them as the great ziggurat began to fall apart.I know that Zan is pretty much immune and you are still looking into it.Ashley cried.Another smirk found my face as my fingers tapped around my phone, opening the Teamwork app and locating my desired evidence, turning my phone to her, again, the bathroom mirror picture of Kelly, from last night, smiling into the mirror with cum on her hand, all over her stomach, and even some cum on her inner thighs.“Stick your dick in her silly”, she said with a giggle.Before I could say anything, my sister had her face buried into my snatch.I glanced around the clearing that held the ring of faerie mushrooms.The silky curls brushed my lips and nose, caressing my cheeks, before I found her hot pussy.And they had kept up my gardens for me, too.“I’m not learning anything now.”After dinner, Veronica proceeded to wash the dishes while Cathy shyly asked me to help her in her homework.“Get t

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