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How we all are just products of our environment.I woke early on Saturday morning, probably because I was excited at being Jan’s master for the weekend, I had put a lot of thought into what we would be doing, so I jumped out of bed and went down to the kitchen to prepare a small breakfast of yogurt, fresh fruit salad and a glass each of orange juice for both of us, I took these back to the bedroom and woke up old sleepy head suggesting that her first duty of the day as slave girl would be to eat her breakfast whilst I went back to the kitchen, she could go to the toilet if necessary and when I returned she could feed me my breakfast.Laura felt like Erica cried at everything this week.RAPED!On top, she had tits, but they were real hangers with serious stretch marks and a couple of tattoos.Newlyned had once again been reminded of his horrible secret.“You okay?” Miles asked her, seeing her wrapping her arms around her body.“It’s okay Lizzy,” I said, “you won’t fall off thes