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“Not that we can keep doing that because we will be caught sooner rather than later.”The basement scene was so hot with excitement that Laura had to stop reading and focus on her boyfriend and Daddy's actions towards the girls.“Ok,” he finally said after thinking it over, “you can go.” Both daughter cheered, and smiled, thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving for school."She knows I went there, Darlene called her to get me there the first time, but she didn't get invited."She was compliant.I groaned, whimpering about my brother's big dick as he drove it down my throat.It doesn't sound like you had anything to do with it."Yet here I sat, observing passively, like a coward hiding away, unwilling and unable to act.He looked over at her to see her watching him.Hank walked over to the girl on the desk and looked at her.This was more than a sightseeing trip.At this, he stepped over her to set a foot right beside her face.I've been thinking and I've decided to

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