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How are you and Liz?"They had sex a few times after that (inexperienced, eighteen-year-old sex with lots of fumbling on his part, but sex nonetheless) before Kim grew bored and suggested some kinkier stuff than he was ready for.“And it tastes amazing.”And of course, Chris proved to me that he did in fact have a "trigger-spot" area on the underside of his dick-shaft, when he quickly began breathing noticeably harder and faster, and I heard the very next words that came out of his mouth.She was the ring leader of the girls, and to hear her talk she’d been sexually active since forever.This will be a beautiful thing son.I groaned, my dick tenting the front of my slacks.“Maybe...“Ooh, yes, yes, it's hot feeling your tongue in me. He couldn't do that.”“Well if you don’t want him in your ass, I certainly do,“ said Marge, her voice heavily laden with lust and as she spoke she lifted her legs further up and started to finger her ass with first one then two fingers, opening he

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