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Nothing fancy, just pizza and beer tonight.Feel free to bring some personal stuff in before the weekend.Can you be at Ruby Tuesday's in Troy at ten a.m.?"Because she knew what men liked, she had purchased an ultra-thin schoolgirl outfit with a plaid microskirt, white panties, a white ruffled blouse, Converse sneakers, and knee socks.Ian licked his way up Grant’s thick shaft again.“Fine you can come home, but you have to learn to eat pussy and get fucked by other girls.”“It was an unintentional discovery, believe me. Quite similar to how you and I got together, actually; simply marveling at the bond between us escalated to more pleasurable things.He realized she wanted to be forced to do it so it wouldn't be her fault.I've been thinking about this all week since Zoey put the idea in my mind.We sipped single malt scotch from an oversized flask Ben had stashed in his shoulder bag.Cowboy?Opening it to a dozen soldiers, he pulled Squad Leader Ludlow aside gripping his shoulder tight

“I have a bigger one.I knew it was going to be a great night when she came after a few minutes of my tongue swirling around her sensitive, erect clit."But look at him biting that poor lioness on the neck.I took a deep breath and pulled the curtains apart to their ends and stood there in front of my window with my towel still wrapped around me.“Okay,” said Annalee.Thank you!”Ronja was on the way to decide if should continue to moan when Mikaela suddenly used her grip on Ronja's hair to guide Ronja forward to her sex.Some sort of origami?"Understandable, but please tell the other guards that my sword will deliver punishment.Shes wearing little black heels, maybe just 3 inches, black and red striped stockings that dissapear under a fairly but not overly short, about mid thigh, skirt and a blood red tank top tucked into the skirt with the oversized black leather jacket she loves.If it hadn’t been for what we were going for we would probably have abandoned the trip.I gave Ashley a

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There was a great dark spot on the saddle where Kelly had creamed over and over."Yet you decided to help me out that first day, when I was drunk."Don would always ignore her at first, and Anita loved that, being made to wait in that submissive pose, completely still and silent.“See the footprints of the treemen.“Yeah, I don’t know,” she shrugged.I wanted to stop, click close and run away screaming but knew it was too late as her soft velvety voice filled the room.“Would you guys like to go to my bedroom to give me a good fucking”?But he felt his body respond to her against his enter here will.This was amazing.I thought you two were just foster parents like everyone else."“Sorry,” I said.The scene in her minds eye was almost unfathomable before.I said I am fine with-it baby, but you have to ask mommy you are her baby, not mine.Are all the other slaves ok or do we have problems in the mix?Employees and regulars openly teased them about their ‘friendship’, half the time their rea

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