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It’s like being dumb is cool…” I rant."Where is Rose (my niece/daughter?)?It was a moonless night and there were no lights on around the house.And instead of her death by gang rape proving male dominance, she became a martyr to women’s resistance.“Like what you see, sailor?” A wolf whistle was my only reply.Braced my self for the horrible thing that is going to happen to me, and then....It was just a special time for us, all three of us.He sucked her clit and slowly inserted his fingers in her still soaked pussy.Becky finished her breakfast and sacked the dishes in the sink.“Maria isn’t a very Orc-ish name.” She replied defensively.In this position, I could fully enjoy the taste of her pussy and send my tongue deep inside her, trying to coax more of her nectar.Before anyone could make another comment Luke’s phone started to blow up with a phone call.It took all these months to finally know that, plus the feelings I had."You realize it too and you pull away from her

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