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“You l…” I started to say.“Tobi, what about you?”Chris chuckled.There wasn’t really any need to announce my arrival, since the girls always flocked to the door when they saw my headlights and heard the shutting of my car door.She had to stand in front of his desk, head bowed, while he shouted at her but instead of slavedom he told her they were giving her a little more time and that from that night she would be allowed to take a slave home with her so that she could continue with her work there.Then I remembered he'd been even worse before that.Second later like an volcanic explosion a massive stream of her sticky scorching vaginal fluid explode forward from cunt from between her extremely inflamed pussy."You on the other hand!""Sure," Bill said.Good night, now."“I’m sure we can all agree to that.I-”Left her with her breasts and snatch on show to wait for you.“Mmm, I always loved when a guy sucked on my clit.Part 3:I pull a pair of satin panties with lace trim up my

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