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“Uhhhh!!She rolled her head around to Philip’s opposite side, and was slurping on the right side of his sac while stroking him at a fluid pace.If that skinny little boy dick is what you’re used to, this is going to really stretch you.” He put his cock, rivaling the thickness of a coke can, to her opening.Chapter 3- The Next EveningFrom the thrill of it.Nikki began to protest for about thirty seconds.I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt knowing what I planned to do.Passing the bathroom, she remembered her underwear that were hanging on the shower bar and quickly yanked them off.Jill lifted her legs, so they would be on the couch also.The redheaded associate professor just edged out the brunette college coeds by a few inches of plump flesh.I won’t tell you where, but I will tell you that everything we recorded could be easily heard from outside the house.“She does not wish to expose herself to this world yet.In an instant, she moved forward and my cock popped out of he

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