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I did the same thing to the men’s bathroom and walked back to the bar.Brendan, the manager, had had a wonderful life with his deceased wife until she was taken from a short duration illness of some kind.Her mom being a stunning, gorgeous woman always made Emily feel that, at best, she would only ever be just a cute knock-off imitation.I stroked and patted her arse, pulling the cheeks apart to expose her puckered hole, it too showing signs of recent action.Matts cock is half limp, he must have been the last one serviced by Debbie.Meanwhile her mother was directing them where to sit and where to place their hands.“It's okay, the mater is urgent, but not yet an emergency.” I told her as I started for the stairs, but stopped to look her up and down.She is some kind of multi-breed about the size of a Sheltie and has the uncomplicated personality of ‘sucking-up’ to anyone who will give her attention.She roused her slave and ordered her to make breakfast.Mother danced beneath me, mo

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