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His strong lips, fingers and his tongue in combination are very exciting.As our appetizers arrived, I wasn’t sure which I wanted more: The coconut shrimp or the Cheese Fries with extra bacon and the spicy ranch dip.As a thousand and yet no real thoughts were racing through my head, my body felt like it wasn’t mine at all – instead it was a slave to the carnal activities it was being subjugated to, and my mind was merely along for the ride; a voiceless passenger on a not so quietly fucked young boy.Mistress 3397 last seen in chapter 5 part 2 is now House Mistress 3397 for this part of the storyWetting the bed?I quickly turned my phone to lock “Oh nothing mom, just some friends.”Alfie must have left the egg switched on.However, some don’t make any sense,” he says to me.You are within your rights to leave me." This last part whispered so low I almost thought she hadn't said it.A few nervous seconds later, I had made it across the yard and reached the barn.I didn't need them

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