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The next few weeks settled into what could almost pass for normalcy considering the situation he was in. There were still the muffled laughs and the furtive glances, and occasionally he'd hear a mumbled insult as someone passed him, but he'd gotten used to them by now.The pressure from the clamp started to make my nipple tingle."I can do it," Jeni volunteered, moving to take his place."That sounds great," Alistair said.At first Darren didn’t seem too keen to take his boxer shorts off but then he did saying “yes, I suppose you’re right.” We both stood there, two total strangers, naked and inches apart with the shower pouring water down our fronts.She came closer and the Australian took her hand and placed it on his manhood.Mom, it’s gonna...!CHAPTER 6Like a barker in the front row, Crowbar egged her on with 'SLAP YOUR TITS!!!!" he shouted.As I spent the night with her, I woke up asking her what was the long day of work was going to be.Propped on her elbow, her other hand was g

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FINAll the time they were going from our eyes to our tits to our pussies; and back to our eyes..He spoke very briefly then left the room.Mistress sunk her fingers into the fat of my ass, spread me wide, and then hammered into me with brutal motions.They sat down to dinner as Sam and Brandon were dispersing the food from the various takeout containers Angus had picked up on the way home, apparently managing to remember it was his night to “cook”.After a few long licks, Mommy looked up at me and and said "She tastes like you."I'm really tired.He said there were only men working on this floor so no one would complain about me looking like a whore.I reached under and started to finger her clit.I just knew that my pussy was very wet and I worried what the doctor would think.A few minutes later, she felt him speeding up again and knew what was going to happen.“You dirty little perv!”He fucks sooo good too.”“Where have you been?She nodded her head and as I kissed her, I told her

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