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“You got to do that to me next, Billy!”She had asked her parents to go home early, but drinks in hand they aunt waved her off.But his enjoyment wasn’t why they were having sex, hers was.“How’re you doing?You know what happens down there.”Besides anyone who did the reading I assigned can answer my question and we can all assume you didn’t do the reading, Mr. Lambert.” A sly smile forms on Ms. Martin’s face, then she turns to me. “Mr. Shaw, I know you’ve read the material." Aaaaahh!Let me know how it feels, losing your virginity to his cock.”I was then greeted by a cold chill of the cool March morning.Afterwards they completed the scene . . .Keith's cock twitched as he viewed her firm buttocks flex and jiggled beneath her bikini as she strode to the pool and slowly descended the stairs into the water.He just shot up inside her.” She was breathing hard."Fuck, you feel good!" she exclaimed, now hornier than ever.She’s tried to shove that ass down my throat for the pa

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