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“I guess that you’ll just have to keep doing what I tell you.”"I hope you'll let me go there, too," he asked.“Yep,” I said, surveying the living room.For a second, when we stopped in front of his bedroom door, I stood there confused like an idiot because I was so used to going to FJ’s room next door.I lifted your hips so you would stand.She could not show any weakness.“We won't.”I pushed back against her tongue and told her to clean the inside of my shit hole.I obeyed.“It explains why he’s so amazing with you doesn’t it?” I asked."That was fantastic" Wendy murmured.Not just naked poses, but actual close-ups of girls doing sex.She sat in the dark sipping a glass of red wine.The Juneau Bureau really had high hopes what I could do for them in the future.Presley asked confused.“Hmph, I guess you're not attracted to me or my dancer’s ass,” she said sarcastically as she started to pull away, forcing my sex-addled brain to make a decision.He’d gotten blowjobs b

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