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I started dialing up Tina, but the phone call only went straight to voicemail.Jeff walked behind his sister.“That’s not the point Abby you’re still to young” I answeredI look down at her sweats, I see her dick getting harder underneath.I didn’t see exactly where this was going but I answered truthfully.But back to the matter at hand.It has been soAfter that third week, Susan and I were lying in bed together.My erection bulged sideways in my jocks.It worked!!“Daddy, I know you well enough to know you are feeling like a shit heel right now but I have to tell you, I'm planning a very nice homecoming for you."This only just came to me last night when I learned my sisters were still virgins.While my appearance was sooner then expected they quickly calmed and asked if I had any instructions for them.“We promise,” Kelly assured, and took a large bite out of the second snack bar.The lonely voyage through the sea of sand gave me way too much time to reflect on me and Kristen’s

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