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i said yes.About an hour later, Alyssa and I had both arrived and we were all in the basement.She was unsteady with her strokes probably because she was nearing orgasm.There was no reason to deny her this, so I made the appointment for the cable company contractor to come by and install it.It took me awhile to write this, and trust me I had some amazing inspiration with YouTube, other stories, and what not..It finally dawned on her drugged mind to shift forms into something that could slip her bonds, but grew distracted when the touch of the queen’s nails trailed once again up her side.“Well sir you are quite handsome looking yourself”.About 20 feet away was a tree with a few lower branches and a log stretched horizontally at its base.During the time between then and when she came back, I got her pregnant to her delight.“Sounds like it,” I purred.He put the chair near the outside of the circle of men and I sat down on the chair.It was too much.She reached down under the sink

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