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She stopped for a moment with him buried inside her and said “Oh my god!”They didn’t pay their top price, we didn’t have to accept our bottom price.“I think so.After a few minutes it was clear the neighbors would hear me screaming as I fucked him, so he gagged me with a pair of his used boxers.I think that scared him a little because he pulled up his jeans and hurried out the door.I step out of the shower and grab my towel again to start drying off.“MY FANTASY?Then she knelt behind me and I could feel her licking and kissing my arse cheeks, very nice, and I could see Bec watching with her fingers on her cunt lips.“What Ronnie?” I respond gently.“She’s a pornstar, Mom, a very popular pornstar.”“Whoa!The Supreme Court Justice sucked the tip of my dick into my mouth.It was Thursday and Reed had plans for a good chunk of the day.Then you will both die.I groaned and gasped as she plundered my pussy and blew my dick.I could always see real understanding and care when

“In fact it’s really two different sounds,” she went on.Molly gave us a skeptical look, "So, you don't really know if you're even bi, since you're each the others first and only.And the mood quickly got very serious.He pulled me down, cursing them, my pussy lips sliding on his shaft, I couldn’t stop and continued to grind, completely lost in prolonged pleasure, everything seemed to draw a blank, my limits had been crossed, way beyond need of lust, I needed to be watched again, but he drove ferociously fast, straining myself I lifted myself up, the brief episode and had quickened both of our heartbeats, he was angry, but I was wild, maddened by the urge to cum, I took his cock in my hands “No,” He screamed, and I lowered myself on his organ, “Your so wet” He moaned.Steve just watched through his phone as he recorded my cock coming out of my pants.For good measure, I tweaked one just a tad, earning a sharp ‘ooh’ from Nicole.I hadn’t thought about it– I know I s

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Can’t wait to do that with you two someday soon.” she said.December 17th, 2026 – Tad Blake“Like what?”“But don't tell anyone.Jake pulled the body close to him as tears started to fall.I saw them both grope her as she slowly got up.I woke in the morning to an empty bed beside me, Alex nowhere in sight.Emma was wearing just the leotard top and as best as I could see nothing else.It was so hot in there!Ah, you devil!Chapter 1: My Beautiful Husband and my Straight Best Friend"Nervous are you slut?“But what about two women?I peeked into Tina’s room to see John and Diane all snuggled up.It was only one slender ladyfinger, only inside me by an inch or so, but I felt invaded, violated, as though she'd jammed a whole broomstick up there and was scrambling my organs around.“See, Ealaín, I inspired them.”I ensured she found the one person that would complete her.“If I don’t get the job, you’ll throw me out?”I’ve been practicing a lot and I think that I can now make

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