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Liz knew what was coming and closed her eyes in anticipation of Katy’s skilful tongue.'Cuz it's all my husband's fault really . He's the one that put you and me up to all this."I protested."Wait, hold on, what about Dong?"He nodded and we headed out.Zach asked.Carole was dizzy and almost collapsed.I still haven’t figured out what the fuck his problem is.I open my eyes.I'm rubbing your cum in me!”“Oh, she likes.” The shadow on my right side said and started laughing hysterically.Beth moaned as she closed her eyes imagining Helen beneath her, though in reality the third in the group could have been any fantasy figure, then sighing happily Beth sank down onto the dildo letting it fill her and began to ride it up and down, her ass pointing at Liz.I was already getting so horny, it was taking all of my restraint not to throw him down and fuck his brains out.“Yes, so far, so good."Sure" Zach answered and was quickly lip locked once more with his sister.That’s perfect!”A frien

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