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"You sure haven't lost your touch "I said to her"no one has ever made me feel this way"Room was intricate, the door opening on a thin red carpet that ran the length of the room towards an open pair of double doors, the sun streaming in, the roaring intense and overwhelming.“We are.However, like all relationships, there were setbacks.She had Janice ask me if I would like to fuck both her and Linda as part of a threesome and of course I said yes.I took it and poured myself some coffee to swallow it down.“I must have knocked the piss out of you,” she said harshly.He growled, jerking her upper body upwards off the floor, only to slam her down again.She realized she really had no one, no one had ever ever really noticed her..Johns flat was modestly furnished, a plain black sofa sitting against one wall with a small table in front of it, a medium sized TV hanging from another and a bookshelf containing a small collection of DVDS and some actual books along another wall.Love you, bro.�

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