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Almost halfway gone!But hopefully, after all that, we will have a better idea if this is a mere fantasy or something more divinely inspired and energized.I tried to get her to smoke a little when it was just the two of us but she didn’t like the way it made her feel after so I stopped trying.I raised up and slid my thong over and slowly impale my pussy with his cock.“This pill can change me back?”As soon as I suck her lower lip into my mouth her pussy tightens around my shaft.“It’s a system my family thought up.She did not know why she had come, but she had.While I was leaning towards her, I began breathing in her ears then her neck.Not only was my mouth moving of its own free will, so too were my hands.teeth, sucked it in and pressed it with his tongue and palate whileI nodded and felt his hand slide down my body to my waist and then around to cup my ass.This was getting easier and easier.He hardly spoke on the way.“Let’s go to the bedroom Mom”, he said as he tried to

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