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“I'm off-duty.”“Elsie, sometimes you can be really thick, you know,” Brie glowered “Why do you think?”I will tell you, once your wife has had his cock, she will want it again, and again.Even if I was inclined toward guys, which I wasn’t, one look at my prick, and I’d probably get the shit beaten out of me.The bus stop was opposite the street their house stood in. As usual, Antoine sat alone in the bus.As soon as I showed up, she burst out of the crowd and gave me a huge hug.One of them could be directing the flow from their door by the kitchen,” John tells me.My heart thundered in my chest as he took another lick through my pussy lips.FUCK YEAH, I was in Heaven with two awesome cocks just for me. Again, by Nick’s directions, I started sucking his cock gently while Gary slowly stroked his own long cock.I have to admit that I got quite wet looking at it and imagining me tied down to it, in various positions, and Ryan tormenting my pussy.He started to fuss as he unders

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