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Nick tried to respond but couldn't as his full attention was focused on fighting back down the orgasm he could feel surging up through his balls.“Well, fuck, you already know.I couldn’t argue with that, and I guessed that it would be a good place to start.I start looking around for an exit when someone starts talking about fate.Maybe Alex needs to give you another treatment today when you get another injection."Oh god what is happening to me, she thought to herself.She would be a huntress, spectacular and deadly, wild and free, the terror and desire of any man or beast who was foolish enough to enter her domain.I’d even seen some girls wearing leotards."Don't try to fucking deny it, Bryan!She started to say but stopped and instead pointed to a dark bruise on her upper arm visible with just the spaghetti straps.When it was my turn at Jill’s huge tits, I understood why Tad hadn’t chosen them as his favorite.Golden-brown skin, beautiful eyes, lush hair, a gorgeous body.Sam folde

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