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Con blinked.I managed to avoid the girls’ wrath, promising them all massages once I had regained my stamina.I heard Teen say, “Full darkness in the back, Carla,” and the tint in all of the windows around us darkened until it was as if they were solid panels.“Damn, he must have.Why was he so interested in her sex life, or lack of it, anyway?Yavara’s fingers traced Prestira’s stomach before stopping above the witch’s closed legs.He walked in front of her and lifted her head.Hailey's voice cracked with emotion as she whispered softly, "I want you to fuck my ass."She looked down at her breasts, Darius’ eager cock.I’m getting close, honey.”Brandon seemed to be a convert to this school of thinking, but it seemed like Angus was fully intent on wearing out her poor asshole, and Sam seemed to be a fan of seeing jizz on her in as many places as possible.“It's just...” I was shocked by how open I felt right now, like I could tell Seth about it.Our hands tugged down his pan

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