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He said, standing up.“Want to concede, honey?” She smirked, unable to hide the smugness from her voice as she held her nine inch cock, “I know I’ve won and so do you.”He immediately leaned down and started to lick the purple fluid from her hot sweaty skin, savoring the sweet-salty flavor of her smoothy covered flesh.What's he like?”'She's ready.'I gasped, panting, coming down from my orgasmic high.Issy runs and scopes the phone out of Cindy's paw with her catlike dexterity.But I could NEVER forgive myself knowing that by seeing you right now...I’m putting you in harm’s way.”"And I'm telling you to play nice and do what they want, and if you don't do what I tell you then THAT's being unfaithful to me," he shot back, shaking off her hand and turning to face her.“Anything is fine with me, as long as I’m with you.”We are making such beautiful art.”If you have to come to me to respect your feelings, let’s start by not pinning everything easily pinnable on you, ya

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